Yamazaki Home - Tower Cable Box With Casters

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Let's make a list of all the clutter around our desks that prevents us from even seeing the floor: routers, external hard drives, multiple sockets, plus many cables from computers, screens and speakers. Time for a change! This Tower Cable Box is up to the task and brings light into the darkness. With plenty of storage space for any cables or electronics that may be laying around, it's just perfect for tidying up your desk area. Its bottom is perforated to allow heat to escape easily so routers, hard drives and the like will not overheat. Another highlight is the wheels, that ensure the box can be easily moved and be accessible whenever and wherever needed. Upgrade your setup with Yamazaki Home Tower Cable Box With Casters.

Cable Box With Casters

This convenient Cable Box not only stores cables from computers, desktops or speakers, but can also accommodate other electronic devices such as routers, external hard drives, and more. The floor is permeable to air, so that the devices, stored inside do not overheat. The wheels ensure that the box can be easily moved and is therefore accessible at all times.


L 15 x W 40 x H34.5 cm
Weight4.5 kg

Loadbearing capacity
Loading weight: 4kg/upper shelf, 4kg/lower shelf


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