Uni - USB-C to DisplayPort Cable 8K

By Uni


Complete your competitive gaming setup with a Display Port to USB C cable, and enjoy a visually consistent gaming/movie experience with no distracting motion blur behind fast-moving objects. This DP 1.4 cable has 32.4 Gbps bandwidth and features Dynamic HDR, 3D, eARC, ALLM, VRR, G-Sync, etc, to provide a stunningly vivid, and lifelike HDR experience.
  • HDR and high frame rate gaming.
  • DP Alt Mode enabled, MST Daisy Chaining.
  • up to 8K@60Hz.
  • Also supports 4K@144Hz /120Hz, and 2K@240Hz.

Connection: USB-C -> DisplayPort unidirectional.
Length: 3ft / 0.9, 6ft / 1.8m
Protocol: DP 1.4
Bandwidth: 32.4 Gbps

Dynamic HDR(HDR10), 3D Format, FreeSync and G-Sync
Display Stream Compression 1.2(DSC), eARC, ALLM, VRR, QMS, QFT

8K - 7680x4320@60Hz, 30Hz
4K - 3840x2160@144Hz, 120Hz, 90Hz, 60Hz, 30Hz
2K - 2560x1440 @ 165Hz, 144Hz, 120Hz, 60Hz, 30Hz

*To experience 8K video resolution requires an 8K capable video source and output display.
*ONLY works with devices which support DisplayPort Alternate Mode.

CANNOT Charge.
CANNOT be converted to DVI or VGA.
DO NOT use it with a dock or hub.