Twelve South - HiRise Pro

SKU: TS-2265


HiRise Pro is a beautiful, height-adjustable modern stand that boosts your iMac, Apple Studio Display, or external display, for reduced neck strain while working. To reduce desk clutter, the all metal stand doubles as a gear garage for hiding your wallet, AirPods, hubs and hard drives. Functional and beautiful, it is the stand worthy of supporting your iMac, Studio Display and other high-end 4K / 5K displays.

  • Internal storage for hard drives, personal items or excess cables
  • Includes a double sided gunmetal / walnut grille to fit into any setup
  • Padded vegan leather top valet for items like iPhone, keys, etc.
  • Compatible with current iMacs, Apple Studio Display and high-end 4K / 5K displays (bases up to 9.5-inches by 9.5-inches)

Adjusts to the right height for you.

HiRise Pro elevates your display to multiple heights (up to almost 4 inches), giving you a better ergonomically designed setup for reduced neck and back strain. You can also use this stand to lift your iMac to the same height as a secondary display. Once set up, HiRise Pro integrates with iMac and other displays to look like one radical new computer. And if you're investing in an Apple Studio Display, save money while adding height adjustment and hidden storage.


Built-in desktop gear garage.

For those who thrive on an uncluttered work surface, you’ll love the fact that HiRise Pro has plenty of hiding space to house hubs, hard drives and things like your AirPods, wallet or keys. A vented front grille ensures hidden hard drives have ample air circulation. If a tangled mess of cables on your desk drives you crazy, stash that web inside HiRise Pro, and simply feed out the right amount of cable through the cable management slot on the back of the stand.


Crafted steel topped with a soft landing pad.

Another handy feature built into HiRise Pro is the soft vegan leather valet tray on top of the stand. Use this landing pad as primo parking and charging space for your iPhone or Apple Watch. The vegan leather-lined top of HiRise Pro is also a perfect spot to drop your keys or glasses.


Two different looks to suit your style (or mood).

Falling into the “one more thing” category is the two-sided, vented grille on HiRise Pro. One side is all metal, matching the body of the stand for a minimalist aesthetic, while the other side has an elegant walnut inlay. The grille is held in place with powerful little magnets so you can switch from gunmetal to walnut to complement your workspace, or your mood. All of these little details add up to one awesome stand to complete your ultimate desk goals.


Apple Display Screen Height
Shelf 6: 7.56 inches (192mm)

Installed Shelf Height
Shelf 1
: 0.9 inches (23mm)
Shelf 2: 1.77 inches (45 mm)
Shelf 3: 2.64 inches (67 mm)
Shelf 4: 3.54 inches (90 mm)

HiRise for iMac
: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
Width: 9.84 inches (25 cm)
Depth: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
Weight: 6.7 pounds (3 kg)