Twelve South - CableSnap Stay

SKU: 12-2022


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CableSnap Stay reinvents cable management in the form of elegant leather bands with button snaps. Attached to nearly any surface, CableSnap Stay keeps charging and computer cables tidy and from slipping to the floor. You can attach these thin leather bands to monitors or stands like Curve for MacBook. Adding and removing cables to CableSnap Stay is literally a snap. CableSnap Stay’s strong adhesive leaves no trace when removed. Available in Black or Dove Grey, each CableSnap Stay pack includes two single and one double-winged cable organizer.

Enjoy your colorful iMac - without the cable clutter.

A whole new, beautiful way to tidy up cables for your brand new, beautiful iMac. Attached to the back of your iMac, CableSnap Stay keeps your desk neat and tidy while keeping your cable easily accessible for charging your keyboard or mouse when needed. Enjoy your new iMac color without the cable clutter surrounding it.

Flat out gorgeous cable management.

CableSnap Stay is made of genuine leather for an elegant polished look that complements the surface it’s attached to. Unlike bulky, clunky cable managers that use weight to hold cables in place, the ultra-thin CableSnap Stay secures cables with a metal button snap. Neatly organize your workspace with cable management you’ll want to see.

Sure, you can put CableSnap Stay there.

Because CableSnap Stay is made of thin leather, you can place it pretty much anywhere. On top of your desk, the edge of your nightstand, the wall next to your desk, the back of a monitor, on a Twelve South Curve. You get the idea. Along with sticking to almost any surface, CableSnap Stay also contours to curves for a finished look. And yes, the special adhesive on the back of CableSnap Stay is designed so you can remove and reposition without leaving sticky residue behind.

Literally a snap to use.

Peel the adhesive backing off CableSnap Stay and attach it to any smooth surface. Use the metal snap to add or remove cables. That’s it. An included double-winged CableSnap Stay is perfect to use where one cable mostly stays put, like your Apple Watch charging cable, and another, your Lightning Cable, travels with you.

CableSnap Stay (Double, 1 included)
Length: 120mm (4.71 inches)
Width: 25mm (.98 inches)

CableSnap Stay (Single, 2 included)
Length: 66mm (2.59 inches)
Width: 25mm (0.98 inches)