Twelve South - BookBook for MacBook

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BookBook is one of the most iconic MacBook cases ever. On the go, your MacBook looks like a weathered book, adding disguise and security. Opened up at the meeting, the room stops to check out the unexpected case shielding your ultra-modern MacBook inside. In a world of same, BookBook is truly something different.

The newest edition for 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros features a strong, crush-resistant spine, hidden portfolio pocket and clever suspension system to keep all straps off the screen.

Luxury protection. Cover to cover.

Each BookBook case is handmade and individually weathered ensuring no two are alike. From dual zippers with leather pulls (that look like bookmarks) to its protective hardback covers, it’s easy to see why BookBook is a best-seller when it comes to protecting MacBooks.

A hidden pocket for docs (and doodles)

Life is almost all digital. When you need to present paper samples or design swatches, lift up the BookBook tab to reveal a hidden pocket. It’s perfect for things like sketches, reports, or that napkin doodle of your next great project.

Use your MacBook nested inside BookBook.

Yes, you can use your MacBook while it’s inside BookBook. Unzip BookBook, open MacBook and work away. An all-new suspension system holds BookBook’s top cover upright, which is perfect for small coffee shop tables and counters.

Can a case deter theft?BookBook does.

Since BookBook looks like a vintage book, it conceals your MacBook. We hear endless stories of homes and cars being ransacked and robbed, but MacBooks hidden in BookBooks were left untouched. Instead of buying a case that makes your MacBook a target, disguise it with a BookBook.

“I accidentally left my MacBook on a food court table at a trade show. Unbelievably, thanks to BookBook, it was still there 30 minutes later,” said one thankful customer.

BookBook for
13-inchMacBook Air/Pro

Size: 12.7-in x 9.30-in x 1-in(322mm x 237mm x 26mm)
Weight: 17.3-oz (490 g)

13-inch MacBook Air (M2, 2022)Models: A2681MacBook Air (USB-C, incl. M1)Models: A1932, A2179, A2337MacBook Pro 13-in. (USB-C, incl. M1)Models: A1708, A1706, A1989, A2159, A2251, A2289, A2338

BookBook for
14-inch MacBook Pro (M1/M2)

Size:13-in x 9.4-in x 1.3-in(330mm x 240mm x 32mm)
Weight: 17.3-oz (492 g)

14-inch MacBook Pro (M2)
14-inch MacBook Pro (M1) Models: A2442

BookBook for
16-inch MacBook Pro (M1/M2)

Size: 14.6-in x 10.4-in x 1.26-in (373mm x 265mm x 32mm)
Weight: 22.36-oz (634 g)

16-inch MacBook Pro (M2)
16-inch MacBook Pro (M1) Models: A2485