Satechi - Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand

By Satechi


The Satechi Vegan-Leather Magnetic Wallet Stand perfectly combines style, functionality, and sustainability – a powerful add-on accessory and the perfect companion for your everyday needs. Designed with MagSafe-compatible technology, this sleek vegan-leather wallet effortlessly and securely attaches to your iPhone in a snap connection so you can conveniently carry your cards, ID, or even cash wherever you go. The versatile magnetic wallet is also designed to double as a durable and sturdy stand for your iPhone, giving you a hands-free option to browse the web, stream videos, or hop on a FaceTime call in both portrait and landscape modes.

Magnetic Connection

Seamlessly attach the wallet to your iPhone with MagSafe-compatible technology. The powerful snap connection ensures a secure, simplified carry you can feel confident about. 


Minimalist Design

Our minimalist wallet offers all the storage you need without the extra bulk of traditional wallets, keeping your essentials neatly organized and easily accessible. 

Doubles as a Stand

Transform into a sturdy phone stand on demand. The flexible 160° hinge allows you to effortlessly switch between your wallet and a hands-free viewing experience in portrait or landscape mode. 


Dimensions & Weight
105mm X 66mm X 9.5mm, 84.5g

Model # / UPC
ST-VLWK / 810086360758 (Black)
ST-VLWN / 810086361069 (Brown)
ST-VLWB / 810086361076 (Blue)
ST-VLWO / 810086361168 (Orange)