Satechi – USB-C Multimedia Adapter M1

By Satechi


Upgrade your tech to M1 with the Satechi USB-C Multimedia Adapter, featuring dual 4K HDMI display ports (60Hz/30Hz), USB-C charging, USB-C data, and two extra USB-A 3.0 data ports – all using a single USB-C connection to your M1 device. With its hi-res dual 4K display output, a multitude of options for fast data transfer, and modern aluminum finish, the USB-C Multimedia Adapter is your all-in-one solution to enhancing your M1 experience.

Six Essential Ports, One Powerful Adapter

The USB-C Multimedia Adapter M1 provides all the ports you need for a productive workspace with two 4K HDMI ports (60Hz/30Hz), one USB-C PD charging port, one USB-C data port, and two USB-A 3.0 data ports. 

Dual 4K HDMI Display

Features dual 4K HDMI ports, one up to 60Hz and another at 30Hz, to output hi-res display to up to two HDMI-enabled external monitors for the ultimate work setup. Requires a direct HDMI connection.

Important: SiliconMotion software must be installed for both HDMI ports to function (see manual for full instructions).

Perfect for Peripherals

Ideal for wired mice, keyboards, USB hard drives, and more, the adapter’s two USB-A data ports and USB-C data port connect a multitude of peripherals. USB-A ports do not support CD readers, including Apple SuperDrive.


12 x 6 x 1.8 cm, 140 g

ST-UCM1HM / 810086360147

1 x 4K HDMI output - up to 60Hz
1 x 4K HDMI output - up to 30Hz
1 x USB-C PD charging - up to 85W
1 x USB-C data port - up to 5 Gbps
2 x USB-A data ports - up to 5 Gbps