Satechi - SM1 Slim Mechanical Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

By Satechi


Introducing the first Satechi wireless mechanical keyboard designed for both Mac and Windows. Satechi SM1 Slim compact keyboard is equally perfect as a gaming keyboard or a keyboard for typing. It features a beautiful white backlight, 14 different backlight patterns, and high-quality clicky switches. In other words, it looks, feels, and sounds like the mechanical keyboard you've been waiting for.

Unmatched Tactile Feedback

The keyboard's low-profile brown switches combine the smoothness of red switches with the tactile feedback of blue switches. The tactile switches and removable keycaps make for a comfortable and satisfying typing experience. 

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Advanced Connection

The wireless keyboard can connect to four devices at a time and supports Bluetooth 5.0. Compatible with both Mac and Windows, it includes swappable keycaps for Windows shortcuts.

Portable & Rechargeable

Satechi's mechanical keyboard has a shorter body and key travel distance that enables faster typing. Lightweight and rechargeable, it is perfect for on-the-go use. When the backlight is on, this rechargeable keyboard boasts an incredible 16.5-hour battery life. If the backlight is not on, the keyboard can last up to two months between charges.

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Superb Build Quality

Designed for efficiency and comfort, this ergonomic keyboard features a sleek aluminum enclosure, a plastic bottom, and adjustable feet. The adjustable feet allow you to easily customize the keyboard's height to reduce strain and promote wrist rest. Its travel-friendly form factor and next-level comfort make this backlit slim keyboard a top pick for all audiences.

Dimensions & Weight
Length - 310mm
Width - 119mm
Height - 21mm
Weight - 471g