Satechi - Dual USB-C Hub For Surface Pro 9

By Satechi


It is time to unleash the true potential of your Surface Pro 9 with Satechi Dual USB-C Hub For Surface Pro 9. Satechi’s Dual USB-C Hub is tailor-made for the Surface Pro 9 to transform it into a full workstation packed with extra power and performance. It complements the premium features of the Surface Pro 9, providing you with enhanced connectivity and functionality in a sleek and sophisticated design. The Dual USB-C Hub attaches seamlessly onto the Surface Pro 9 to add an extension of six powerful ports including a USB4 pass-through port that can support up to 100W Power Delivery, 6K/60Hz video output, and 40Gbps transfer speeds. It also features USB-C and USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 Ports (both at 10Gbps), HDMI 2.0 Port, and SD/microSD UHS-I card slots........

Ultra-Fast Transfers

Get more done in less time with this Dual USB-C Hub for Surface Pro 9. Transferring data and large files will be a breeze with an impressive 40Gbps bandwidth. You will be able to work with ease, saving time and wrapping up tasks quickly and smoothly. The Dual USB-C Hub also features USB-C and USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 Ports at 10Gbps. To put it into perspective, that’s like transferring 1,000 high-res images in less than one minute

Expand Your Surface

Sit back and enjoy the view. The HDMI port can be used alongside the USB4 port to output stunning 4K/60Hz video on two screens simultaneously, expanding your Surface Pro 9’s capabilities and taking your multimedia experience to new heights. 

Stay Supercharged

Work with confidence and never miss a beat. With power delivery of up to 100W, the Dual USB-C Hub provides ample power to charge your Surface Pro 9 at its maximum speed of 65W. You can count on this hub to keep you supercharged throughout the day. 

Perfectly Platinum

The Dual USB-C Hub boasts a sleek design that matches the platinum shade and texture of the Surface Pro 9, making it a perfect extension of the tablet. Its flawless construction ensures stability and increased performance, with dual pins for a secure connection that eliminates any wobbling.   

Anywhere You Go

The Dual USB-C Hub is incredibly lightweight and travel-friendly, weighing just under 40 grams and measuring less than 4.5 inches. You can easily slip it into your bag and take it wherever you want, making it a convenient companion for work on the go.  

Connector Type
Dual USB-C

Dimensions & Weight
4.5", 40 grams

USB4 Pass-through Port  Up to 100W Power Delivery 
 6K/60Hz or Dual 4K/60Hz Video
 40Gbps Transfer Speeds  USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 Port (10Gbps)  
USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 Port (10Gbps)  
HDMI 2.0 Port (4K/60Hz) 
SD/microSD Card Slots (UHS-I Speeds)