Keychron - Low Profile Keychron Optical Switch Set - 87 Pcs

SKU: Z20


Upgrade your typing experience with the Keychron Low Profile Keychron Optical Switch Set. These switches feature an innovative optical design, providing faster response times and a longer lifespan than traditional mechanical switches. The low profile design allows for a sleeker keyboard profile, while the 87-piece set ensures compatibility with a wide range of keyboards. With their durable construction and smooth keypress feel, these switches are perfect for gamers, typists, and anyone who demands the best from their keyboard. Upgrade your keyboard with the Keychron Low Profile Keychron Optical Switch Set today!

Low Profile Optical Switch

With the MX-styled stem housing and ultra-low latency, the low profile Keychron Optical switches are crafted for typists or gamers who want to type at lightning speed with a lifespan much greater than industry standards.

*Low profile Keychron Optical switch keyboard is not compatible with any conventional mx style mechanical switch.

The Banana/Mint switches comes with an early tactile bump of every downstroke like those Panda switches, that’s the main difference between the Banana/Mint and the Brown switch.

Force And Activation Graphs

Optical Red

Optical Blue

Optical Brown

Optical White

Optical Black

Optical Orange

Optical Banana

Optical Mint

Compatible Keyboard
Optical Switch Keyboard: K1 / K1 SE / K3 (RGB and white-backlit version) / K5 / K5 SE / K7