Orbitkey - Magnetic Cable Holder



Keep your cable in place anywhere along the toolbar of the Orbitkey Desk Mat. Magnetic cable holder that keeps cables in place. Compatible with any Orbitkey Desk Mat. Made of highly durable and corrosion-resistant zinc alloy. Matte texture plated finish.

Cables Kept in Place

The magnetic cable holder can be moved anywhere along the toolbar of the Orbitkey Desk Mat to keep your cable in place and always within reach. No more tangles or cables falling off the table!


The Finishing Touch

Made from durable zinc alloy which offers both visual appeal and mechanical accuracy, the hardware is also plated with a matte texture finish which gives it a luxurious touch.

Length: 50mm / 1.97"
Width: 31mm / 1.22"
Height: 13.5mm / 0.53"

Zinc Alloy