Oakywood - Small Tray - OakyBlocks

SKU: 1702WNS


The OakyBlocks Small Tray helps you organize and optimize your surroundings. It fits your smallest items such as paperclips, AirPods, or a watch and stores them in a designated place within your arm’s reach. Use the tray on its own or combine with other OakyBlocks modules.

Organized space

Built-in magnets

Fitted with magnets, the Small Tray lets you connect it with other OakyBlocks components to create the most convenient setup.

Cork base

A cork layer at the bottom of the tray keeps it in place and protects your surfaces from scratches.

Natural treatment

The natural wax oil coating doesn’t clog the wood’s pores, allowing it to keep its neutral coloring.

OakyBlocks – how does it work?

The small tray is a part of the OakyBlocks range – a series of wooden accessories varying in purpose and size which you can combine at will to make custom organizers. Each element has a built-in magnet allowing it to firmly connect to others.

Length: 9.5 cm
Width: 9.5 cm
Height: 2 cm