Oakywood - Monitor Stand

SKU: 1301WNS


Our wooden Monitor Stand guarantees you comfort and brings your workspace to new ergonomic heights. Its optimal height allows you to place your monitor in a way which alleviates excess pressure on your eyes, neck, and spine. It also provides new storage option as the stand frees up space beneath your screen.

Ergonomic comfort

Ergonomic design

The stand elevates your device 9 cm and puts it on eye level, making it an ergonomic solution for your workspace.

100kg capacity

Thanks to our unique wood joining technique, the Monitor Stand can handle weight up to 100kg.

High quality wood

Solid wood used to create the stand comes from responsible sources.

Natural design

The minimalist design makes our Monitor Stand a truly convenient and functional accessory. 45-degree beveled edges make the entire construction appear lightweight and unimposing. The surface is coated in eco wax oil which makes the wood smooth to the touch without clogging its pores.

Length: 45 cm
Width: 23 cm
Height: 9 cm
Top surface dimensions: 35 cm x 23 cm