Oakywood - Felt&Cork Desk Mat



The Felt Cork Desk Mat elevates your workspace comfort thanks to its high-grade felt content. It provides padding for your mouse, keyboard, and other necessary accessories, and keeps them neatly organized within your arm’s reach, turning your desk into a well-arranged and functional space.

Space organization

Increased work comfort

Made from natural materials, Oakywood’s felt mouse pad redefines work comfort by providing you with a unique sensory experience.

Breathable material

Merino wool felt is a high-grade natural material which ensures appropriate moisture absorption, facilitates thermoregulation, and doesn’t absorb odor.

Stable grip

The cork base offers excellent grip to the desk surface and protects it from damage.

Practical minimalism

Its minimalist design and neutral color palette allow you to harmoniously combine the felt mat with other Oakywood accessories. The natural, biodegradable wool felt is resistant to absorbing moisture and odors, as well as forming creases. The thin cork base layer (0.8 mm) keeps it from sliding on the tabletop.

Size M: 62 cm x 30 cm
Size L: 90 cm x 30 cm
Thickness: 0.3 cm