Oakywood - Dual Laptop Dock

SKU: 1203WNS


The Dual Laptop Dock is an innovative solution for your desk organization. The stand allows you to simultaneously store two devices: laptops or tablets up to 2 cm (0.8 inch) thick. Streamline your work by securely storing your gadgets, organizing your desk space, and smoothly switching between the two devices.

Improved organization

One-handed control

The micro-suction technology allows you to control the stand with one hand while it sits securely on your desk.

Adjusted width

The merino felt strips let you adjust the stand’s width and secure devices of different sizes.

Device safety

Lined with soft wool felt, the dock protects your devices from scratching and doesn’t block ventilation.

Design geometry

The wooden features on a stainless-steel base make the Dual Laptop Dock a safe and sturdy holder for your devices. Our innovative wood shaping technology allows us to enhance its natural grains and make the geometric block look lightweight and compact. The surface is coated with ecological wax oil which protects the wood without clogging its pores.

Length: 18 cm
Width: 11.3 cm
Height: 4 cm
Maximum device thickness: 2 cm