Oakywood - Catchall Tray

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The Catchall Tray helps you organize miscellaneous items you don’t want to lose but don’t quite know where to store. Things like your watch, keys, a pen, some cords, smartphone, or favorite earrings for effective home and office organization.

Stylish organization

3 sizes

Available in 3 sizes, the trays make it easy to customize your ideal organizer by arranging the trays in many ways.

Desk Shelf compatibility

The organizers can be used as handy drawers for the Oakywood Desk Shelf, saving you space and adding structure to your workspace. 2 large, 3 medium, and 6 small will fit between the legs of the Desk Shelf

Damage protection

Natural matte wax oil coating on the surface protects the tray without clogging the wood’s pores, while an ecological cork base prevents scratches.

Simple aesthetics

The simplest solution is most often correct – the tray’s simple design ensures its maximum organizational capacity. Its rounded edges soften its appearance and make it more resistant to mechanical damage.

Size S: 12 cm x 20 cm
Size M: 24 cm x 20 cm
Size L: 36 cm x 20 cm
Height (all sizes): 2 cm