Oakywood - Apple Watch Dock

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The Apple Watch Dock makes charging your device effortless. The smooth natural wooden base lets you place your Apple Watch horizontally or vertically. You can attach it to your desk to ensure the charger is always at hand when needed.

Comfortable charging

2 charging positions

The docking station’s design allows you to charge your Apple Watch both horizontally and vertically.


The micro-suction technology increases the dock’s stability and lets you operate it one-handedly.

Built-in magnet

Thanks to the built-in magnet, the charger sits securely in the Apple Watch Dock.

Universal design

The Apple Watch Dock’s design seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics. The innovative wood shaping technology allows us to enhance its natural grains and make the geometric block look lightweight and compact. The charger has a pleasantly smooth surface coated in natural wax oil which protects the wood but doesn’t close its pores.

Length: 9 cm
Width: 9 cm
Height: 4 cm
Charger diameter: 2.8 cm