NuPhy - Shiokaze nSA Dye-sub PBT Keycaps

By NuPhy


Being trapped in the urban heat wave shouldn't be the only thing we remember about summer, an escape to the beach always brings a scent of freshness to the memory. With NuPhy Shiokaze nSA Dye-sub PBT Keycaps(Japanese for'tide wind'), we aim to recreate the beach experience with colors and images that are distinctively summer. Every detail is crafted to bring you closer to your own amazing summer stories. Now tune into the wave from the sea.

Additional Keycaps from Nuphy will allow you to customize your keyboard to your preferences.

Shiokaze Keycap Set

Shiokaze Keycaps includes a total of 113 keys, the keycap set covers NuPhy Air60, Air75 and the unreleased Air96, and also supports most compact mechanical keyboards.

profile nSA
profile type dye-sub pbt
keycaps count 113