NuPhy - Field75 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

By NuPhy


Obsessed in each of our own ways about gaming keyboards, NuPhy joined force with AKIRA40K from CIY Studio in our push against the tide of commoditization, and hope to bring the gaming spirit back to the monotonic landscape.

Sometimes the old is the new, especially when it comes to…you know, mechanical keyboards. NuPhy Field75 is designed around a 75% layout with a heavy dose of dieselpunk elements, including a metal handlebar, a metal knob for volume control, and 70’s DIP mode switch, the asymmetrical design oozes with mechanicity, which along with the RGB lights exuded from the three portholes situated at the bottom, transports you to an era when men and women with keyboards were constantly on a mission, probably to where no one has gone before.

As for colors, outside of the ‘traditional’ electro(a little bit like radioactive Mountain Dew frankly), you are also spoilt for choices by three space-themed colors - Gravity, Ethereal, and Noether, hope you will like them!

The Air force strikes again

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A multitasker and distributor.

The first 1000Hz polling rate NuPhy keyboard is here to deliver the ultimate rate of fire. Powered by the state of the art Nordic NRF52833 chip, Field75 offers both throughput and interference resistance notches above competitors. This powerful transmission capability also doesn’t have to be limited to the keyboard, under the wired mode, Field’s innovative internal ‘Hub’ enables the keyboard to repeat and amplify 2.4G signal destined for a mouse stationed too far away from the computer.

The extreme Field75 2.4G performance is complemented by full support of Bluetooth 5.0, and up to 4 concurrent device connections with on-the-fly switching, making it a perfect companion for both gaming and efficient working.

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The CAPtain is in charge.

The legendary comfort, gaming DNA and aesthetics commanded by the Cherry profile means it is the ideal choice for Field’s keycaps. Moulded with PBT material, the double-shot legend enables crisp text and vibrant colors, and a grease and scratch resistant surface that retains its stunning look even after extensive use.

And shine-through keycaps we have not forgotten, all 4 colors of them, for you to enjoy atmospheric gaming in a lights-off room.

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Touch de force.

Designed with high precision and endurance in mind, two new gaming switches, Polaris and Fleeting Gold, have joined the growing lineup of NuPhy switches.

The Polaris, with a pre-travel of 1.2mm, reduced from 1.5-2mm commonly seen on common linear switches, enables rapid trigger and lightning fast reaction time. The Fleeting Gold instead, is an early tactile switch that focuses on users who want the best precision and feedback. Through their use of the next generation polyketone stems, pre-lubing and dustproof enclosures(Polaris only), the NuPhy Field switches are well equipped to handle the extraordinary wear and tear usually accompany intense gaming sessions.

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Polaris / Linear, 46gf\
Pre-travel: 1.2±0.25mm / Total travel: 3.3±0.3mm
Operating force: 46±5gf / End force: 55±5gf
Stem: POK / Top housing: PC / Bottom housing: PC
21mm One-stage stainless spring
Factory lubed / Long-pole stem

switch 2.jpg__PID:230e4832-c36e-4b57-a415-7f1beb57df02

Fleeting Gold / Tactile, 55gf
Pre-travel: 2.0±0.3mm / Total travel: 3.3±0.3mm
Operating force: 55±5gf / End force: 65±5gf
Stem: POK / Top housing: PC / Bottom housing: PC
21mm One-stage stainless spring
Factory lubed / Long-pole stem

Cherry on the cake.

To enrich the choices of switches for gaming NuPhists, we have made available two Cherry RGB switches, Cherry RGB Speed Silver and RGB Ergo Clear, Cherry’s first pre-lubed switch, to be used with Field75. The fastest model of the Cherry switch family in full height, the silver switch triggers directly. thanks to its combination of linear switching characteristics combined and low spring resistance, When milliseconds decide whether you win or lose, the Cherry Speed Silver is your guarantee for a successful gaming session.

The Cherry Ergo Clear switch, on the other hand, is a particularly tactile switch with no click. The community switch combines the tactile feedback of the Ergo Clear with a comparatively light actuation as well as a reduced bottom-out force and offers a smoother typing feel and more relaxed typing or gaming even over many hours.

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switch 4.jpg__PID:4832c36e-0b57-4415-bf1b-eb57df02efd2

Cherry RGB Speed Silver / Linear, 45gf
Pre-travel: 1.2mm / Total travel: 3.4mm
Operating force: 45gf
Stem: POM / Top housing: PA66 / Bottom housing: PA66
15mm Two-stage stainless spring

switch 3.jpg__PID:0e4832c3-6e0b-4724-957f-1beb57df02ef

Cherry RGB Ergo Clear / Tactile, 55gf
Pre-travel: 2.0mm / Total travel: 4.0mm
Operating force: 55gf
Stem: POM / Top housing: PA66 / Bottom housing: PA66
16mm One-stage stainless spring
Factory lubed

Sound engineering on sound foundations.

A least obtrusive sound environment is vital to an immersive gaming experience and high performance, something NuPhy with her rich experience in keyboard acoustic design and engineering, strives to create. A high density metal switch plate is selected for its deeper low-pitch performance, while the dynamic duo of Plate Poron and PCB IXPE work seamlessly together as a superb hollow-sound absorber and typing sound purifier.

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GhostBar onboard.

The much loved GhostBar, debuted on the Halo series, is also coming to Field75 with Silentcone, NuPhy’s pioneering spacebar acoustic shaping and hollow-sound elimination technology. Now gamers get to enjoy a hollow-sound free gaming environment and perfectly blended-in spacebar sound!


Your light, your style.

Your keyboard’s backlighting should express your personality, and be customizable to your heart’s content. The process of customization however, be it through shortcuts or going through options in a configuration tool, has always been a chore. Never satisfied with existing solutions, NuPhy introduces a gear-shaped knob which puts any of the 10 built-in lighting effects just a turn of the finger away. Of course, almost infinite customizability in 16 million colors is accessible in the NuPhy console.

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Switch. Swap. Swagger.

Each Field75 keyboard is hot-swappable, allowing you to easily replace or upgrade your switches without soldering and to enjoy a different typing experience free of restriction.We also offer six bonus mechanical switches in the package. This enables different typing experiences as well as easy replacement of a damaged switch.

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Built for both Mac and Windows.

Elevating the game of native dual-OS support, we have been updating and fine-tuning the multimedia keys layout and function for MacOS/Windows on our keyboards to reflect the newest developments from OS vendors, including the implementation of shortcuts for Apple's dedicated ’Spotlight’ and ‘Dictation’ keys in Halo96’s Mac mode. We will continue to find more ways, and shortcuts, to bring extra values to our users on the software side.

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Twotone is in the town.

Twotone is in the town! Or rather, in the field. Not only has it packed a few pounds of lean muscles for the occasion, it has brought along a UV coated outfit. And needless to say, there will also be 4 color variants of the rest to match the color of your Field keyboard, what real teamwork should look like.

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Contours series deskmat.

As the first series of NuPhy-designed & branded deskmats, the Contours are part of our effort to create a better 'in the game' feel by blurring the boundaries between game and reality. Rendered in true fantasy map fashion with a fusion of styles, we picked four prominent locations on Earth and their actual contour maps as basis for the deskmats' designing and graphical works(one for each color scheme), and anchor points for your venture into uncharted worlds. Each mat features a black natural cellular rubber made bottom and jersey knitted front, giving the heat transfer printed map a nice and delicate touch. The high-fidelity contour lines and specially selected matching fonts are carefully arranged to enhance the vibe of Field75.


Switch Type: Polaris/Fleeting Gold/Cherry Speed Silver/Cherry Ergo Clear
Layout: ANSI 75%
Number of Keys: 83
Customizable Buttons: 8
Knob: Volume & RGB
Hot-swappable Support: Yes
N-key Rollover Support: Yes
Backlight: RGB-LED
Backlight Modes: 18
Compatible System: macOS/Windows/Android/iOS
Angle: 3.5º/ 8.5º
Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃

Mode: 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0 or Wired (USB-C)
2.4GHz Polling Rate: 1000Hz
Bluetooth 5.0 Polling Rate: 125Hz
Wired Polling Rate: 1000Hz

Battery Capacity: 4200mAh
Working Time (all lights on): 25~42 hours (lab test result)
Working Time (all lights off): Up to 160 hours (lab test result)

Case: ABS
Keycap: Double-shot PBT