NuPhy - Carved Prairie nSA Dye-sub PBT Keycaps

By NuPhy


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Spiritual, grotesque, tribal, and full of fierce energy, NuPhy Carved Prairie is a hark back to the root of human civilization, and the evocation of a world unknown. The intricate details of the African mask sculpture-inspired icons, in contrast with the bold background colors, will let you strike a chord with your ancestral self while you strike the keys.

KeyTok PBT keycaps

Moulded with PBT materials, NuPhy keycaps are highly grease and scratch resistant, with durable legends and vivid, bright colors. The dye-sub process enables an ultra-high level of color details, and enhanced, layered visual richness.

Keyboard compatibilities

The nSA profile Space Engineer Keycaps includes a total of 155 keys, the keycap set supports NuPhy Air60, Air75, Air96, Air60 V2, Air75 V2, and Air96 V2, and is compatible with other low profile compact mechanical keyboards in the following layouts: 60 / 75 / 96.

nSA profile

Designed by NuPhy and harness our insights into the low profile user ergonomics and aesthetics, the nSA keycap profile is all about a perfect low profile typing experience. The curve of its keycap surface helps maintaining a closer contact with the fingers to reduce typing stress and discomfort, while the smaller graident of its 6 equal height rows' slope helps your fingers moving up and down the keyboard effortlessly. Combined with the rounded corners and equal side-lengths of the keycap front, the profile heights are fine-tuned to amplify the minimalism inherent to the looks of low-profile keyboards.

Keycap Profile nSA
Keycap Material 5-sided Dye-sublimation PBT
Number of Keys 155
Shifts Included 2.25u, 2u, 1.75u, 1u
Spacebar Included 6.5u