NuPhy - Arcade-ia KDS Dye-sub PBT Keycaps

By NuPhy


NuPhy Arcade-ia KDS Dye-sub PBT Keycaps are the all new spherical keycaps sport curved top surfaces designed to ergonomically fit the fingertips, with vibrantly colored dynamic images that will turn your gaming experience up a notch. Now go and blast them, and have a blast gaming!

Additional Keycaps from Nuphy will allow you to customize your keyboard to your preferences.

KDS Arcade-ia Keycaps

KDS Arcade-ia Keycaps includes a total of 142 keys, the keycap set covers NuPhy Halo65, Halo75, Halo96 and Field75, and also supports most compact mechanical keyboards.

profile kds profile
type  dye-sub pbt
keycaps count 142