Native Union - (Re)Classic Band for Apple Watch



Native Union (Re)Classic Band has a timeless look for your modern timepiece, made better for the Earth with plant-based materials. Designed with a smooth and cross-grained design for elegant wear, and crafted with integrated lugs that match effortlessly with any Apple Watch.

  • Crafted with Yatay™ by Coronet, a durable & stain-resistant plant-based leather alternative made in Italy
  • Designed with a smooth & cross-grained texture for an elevated finish
  • Integrated lugs match any Apple Watch color or finishing & enable secure attachment
  • Soft lined backing for comfortable all-day wear


Elevate any everyday look with a smooth and textured design, accented with subtle stitching. Designed to bring the timeless elegance of a traditional watch to your modern-day device, (Re)Classic Strap has integrated lugs to more seamlessly match any Apple Watch color.



This Apple Watch Band is made with Yatay™ by Coronet, a durable plant-based material made in Italy. Yatay™ uses less water and energy to produce in comparison to genuine leather, and based on Coronet's testing, is five times more durable than PU leather alternatives. Better for the planet, better for you.


With a soft lined backing for all-day wear and Yatay™ for durability, (Re)Classic Band is designed for long-lasting comfort and quality, day in and day out. And with a refined design fit for any occasion, it'll move with you from the office to drinks, from brunch to a night out.


Plant-based Materials (USDA & PETA certified), Cereals, Wooden cellulose, Polyester, PU leather, Stainless Steel