Native Union - Desk Mat



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Bring warmth to your workspace with this double-sided desk mat. Made with animal-free and recycled materials and designed with our signature textured contrast in two distinct colors, this clutter-free work surface creates the perfect backdrop for your innovation and productivity.

  • Elevate your work desk or home office with enhanced comfort & style
  • Double-sided, reversible design with two modern colors to easily switch up your space
  • Finished with a refined, textured accent for an elegant touch
  • Smooth finish is great as a mousepad or writing surface
  • Non-slip grip keeps the mat, your laptop, monitor, keyboard and more in place
  • Keep your desk scratch & spill-free with a highly durable, water-resistant & easy-to-clean surface
  • Made better for the Earth with an animal-free & recycled* leather alternative


Desk Mat organizes and enhances your workspace with sleek visual structure. With a defined space for your productivity, your choice of two modern shades with a reversible design, and a smooth surface for writing, typing, and more, you'll level up your work day like never before.



Made of a highly durable, water-resistant alternative to leather, Desk Mat is easy to clean and brings a layer of elegant protection to your workspace that keeps your desk free from any stains, spills, and scratches.


Desk Mat is crafted with an animal-free alternative to leather partially made of post-consumer plastic waste, adding a refined touch to your desk and comfort to your work day, all while minimizing the impact on the planet.


Recycled post-consumer polyester, polyurethane