Nanoleaf - Canvas Starter Kit

SKU: NL29-2012SW-4PK


Create your own masterpiece with this Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit. Touch-sensitive, modular light squares with edgeless lumination come with everything you need to start your RGBW installation. Delight the senses and play on sight, sound and touch for a lighting experience that goes beyond mere function. Instal in your bedroom, living room, or any space where you want a fresh and futuristic aesthetic. Packed with smart features like Rhythm Music Visualizer, Screen Mirror, Touch and more! Instal on any flat surface with included adhesive Mounting Tape; no additional tools required.

Customisable Layouts

Square panels connect on all four sides for endless design possibilities. Staggered Linker Slots allow you to arrange your Canvas squares side by side or in an offset position, giving even more versatility for totally unique creations!

Music Visualiser

Transforms your favourite songs into bright and colourful light shows.

Layout Assistant

Explore different panel layouts with the Layout Assistant, and preview them in your room using the AR feature. Learn More.

Screen Mirror

The colours from your screen are reflected on your panels for an immersive experience.

Height Per Panel
5.9 inches / 15 cm

Width Per Panel
5.9 inches / 15 cm

Panel Thickness
0.4 inches / 1 cm

Panel Mounted Thickenss
0.37 inches / 10 mm

Weight Per Panel
0.37 pounds / 170 g

Cable Length
8.2 feet / 2.5 m