Macally - ASTAND Aluminum laptop stand

By Macally


The Macally ASTAND is an aluminum stand that raises your laptop screen (up to a height of 6”/15 cm) to meet eye level for an improved posture and view. By doing this you reduce neck pains and headaches that are the result of a bad posture.
The Macally ASTAND is made out of high quality and solid aluminum with an easy to assemble bridging structure for maximum stability. The tilted design (±19º angle) with raised front edges and a non-slip pad keeps your laptop in place.
The aluminum material and open design allow all around natural air flows to keep your laptop cool under any circumstances.
The elevated design allows you to store your keyboard/mouse underneath and keep your desk organized and clean when not in use.
The package comes with 4 screws and a screwdriver to easily and quickly assemble the Macally ASTAND. You're done in 3 minutes.
Made out of sandblasted aluminum with a silver anodized finish, the Macally ASTAND is the perfect match for Apple MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The Macally ASTAND is also compatible with any laptop that is 10” and wider.

Technical specifications



13,2 (H) x 27,7 (W) x 25 (L) cm

 735 g

19 degrees

Laptop screen height:
6”/15 cm


Compatible with Apple Macbook, Macbook Air, Mac Book Pro and any other laptop between 10” to 17"