Ledger - Stax

By Ledger


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Ledger Stax was made for the day-to-day use of your crypto & NFTs with clarity and comfort. Clear-sign your transactions with ease on the world's first curved E Ink® touchscreen. Name it, customize the lock screen with your favorite NFT or photo – make Ledger Stax yours. Entrust your peace of mind to Ledger’s uncompromising security.

Built for clarity

Read, understand, and sign transactions with confidence on the world’s first palm-sized, curved E Ink® touch screen. Designed to travel with you wherever you go.

Trusted by millions

Experience uncompromised security, powered by the industry-leading Secure Element chip and Ledger’s proprietary OS, battle-tested for years by security experts.

Customizable to fit you

Give your Ledger Stax a unique name, and customize it with your favorite photo or NFT on a lock screen that’s always on, even when Ledger Stax is off.


Everything you need to explore Web3 confidently

Your assets, secured

Ledger protects your assets, and you always own them.

Bluetooth® equipped

Connect to Ledger Live mobile anytime, anywhere.

Ledger Live app support

Secure and manage your assets at any time using the Ledger Live app.

Smooth experience

Our largest display yet makes navigating and signing transactions seamless.

Wireless charging

One less cable to carry around.

Multiple embedded magnets

The click you hear when stacking your Ledger Stax devices, that’s the sound of security.

Make it yours

Personalize it by naming it, and set your favorite picture or NFT as its lock screen.

Sleek build

No thicker than a stack of five credit cards.


Aluminum and plastic with embedded magnets for stackability.Color: Black

Bluetooth 5.2® to connect to a smartphone.USB type C

A black and white E Ink® curved touch screen.
Screen type: E Ink®
Display size: 3.7 inch
Resolution: 400x672 px
Display colors: 16 scales of gray

Secure Element Chip: ST33K1M5Chip Certification: CC EAL6+

System requirements
64-bits desktop computers: - Windows 10 / 11 - macOS Big Sur / Monterey / Ventura - Ubuntu LTS 20.04 / 22.04 (both excluding ARM Processors) Compatible with smartphones (iOS 14+ or Android 10+).
Not compatible with Chromebooks.
Not suitable for mining.

Digital asset support
500+ different crypto & tokens supported on the Ledger Live app.
Ethereum and Polygon NFTs supported on the Ledger Live app.
More than 5000 crypto, tokens, and NFTs supported when using a third-party wallet.

Size & Weight
Credit card-sized.
Dimensions: 85mm x 54mm x 6mm
Weight: 45,2g