Keychron - Low Profile Double Shot PBT Keycap Set



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Elevate your keyboard game with the Keychron Low Profile Double Shot PBT Keycap Set. Made from durable PBT material, these keycaps feature a double shot molding process for long-lasting legends that won't fade or wear over time. The low profile design allows for a sleeker keyboard profile, while the compatibility with Cherry MX switches ensures easy installation on a wide range of keyboards. With their smooth texture and ergonomic shape, these keycaps provide a comfortable and stylish typing experience. Give your keyboard a fresh new look with the Keychron Low Profile Double Shot PBT Keycap Set today!

Premium PBT. Five-Sided Dye-Sub.

Compatible with low profile Gateron MX mechanical switch and low profile Keychron optical switch, this low profile full set keycap set features double-shot legends for added durability and an instant aesthetic upgrade to your setup. The PBT material keycaps also provide excellent oil resistance, enhance the type feel, and prevent the legends from fading out.

Full Set

We heard your feedback for the low profile keycap set and we acted on it. This low profile keycap set has all the keycaps you needed for the Keychron low profile keyboards ANSI layout K1, K1 SE, K3, K5, K5 SE, and K7 

Material: Double-Shot PBT
Stem: MX style
Legend: Backlight does not shine through
Compatible Keychron keyboards: K1 Version 5, K1 SE, K3, K5, K5 SE, K7
Compatible layouts: ANSI layout

*This low profile keycap set CANNOT be used in K1 version 1, 2, 3 ,4, K3 Pro, and S1.

NoteThe stem layout on the big keycaps (e.g.: space bar, left Shift, backspace, and Enter key) is different from traditional stem layout on big keycaps.