Keychron - Klube Lubricant - Stabilizers Lube

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Achieve a smoother and more stable typing experience with Keychron Klube Lubricant - Stabilizers Lube. This high-quality lubricant is specially formulated to reduce friction and improve the stability of your stabilizers, resulting in a more consistent and reliable keystroke. Elevate your keyboard game with Keychron Klube Lubricant - Stabilizers Lube.

Klube 205

Klube 205 is a stabilizer lubricant that is slightly liquidy that can be used to help stabilize the metal rod for a smoother stabilizer experience.

Note: The lubrication results vary depending on personal use. This is not the case where adding more lube will yield better results. 

Klube 205 specs
Volume: 15ml
Penetration 0.1mm:265~295
NLGI Grade:2
Drop Point: 180°C