Keychron - K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard v2

SKU: K3-A3


Experience the ultimate typing experience with the Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard v2. This keyboard features a compact 75% layout, with hot-swappable switches allowing for easy customization. With Bluetooth and up to 3 devices connectivity, this keyboard offers seamless connection and quick switch between devices. The ultra-slim profile and durable aluminum frame make it the perfect addition to any workspace. Plus, the RGB backlighting adds a pop of color and style to your setup. With its long-lasting battery life, the Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard v2 is the perfect combination of style and functionality.


Incorporating the world’s first hot-swappable low profile Optical switches to customize per-key typing experience with ease, together with all signature Keychron features.


Connects via Bluetooth and switch among them easily. Featuring Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, the K3 offers flawless connectivity whether you’re working at home or the office while connecting with your smartphone, laptop and iPad.


The redesigned low profile switch is 40% slimmer than conventional switches. Together with the streamlined aluminum body makes the K3 one of the thinnest and lightweight wireless mechanical keyboards in the world.


Crafted for productivity, the K3’s 75% layout is a compact version of tenkeyless layout. It allows users access to all the essential multimedia and function keys, but with a smaller footprint.


Two level adjustable rubber feet makes the new K3 more comfortable to type on.


Compatible for both macOS and Windows. Keychron is one of only a few in the market that comes with a Mac multimedia keys layout for Mac enthusiasts. For Linux users, we also have a dedicated user group to help with the experience.


We all have our unique typing preferences, that’s why we went the extra mile to make the K3 the world's first hot-swappable low profile Optical switch keyboard. We’ve implemented a MX-styled stem and stabilizers, and conducted numerous design iterations of the keyboard structure.

You can easily hot-swap every Optical switch in a few seconds to customize your typing experience on the K3 without soldering. *Hot-swappable feature is available for low profile Keychron Optical switch version only.

Mechanical Switch

Durable low profile Gateron Mechanical switch with a 50 million keystroke lifespan to provide an unrivaled tactile responsiveness

Optical Switch

With the MX-styled stem housing and 0.2ms ultra-low latency, the low profile Keychron Optical switches are crafted for typists or gamers who want to type at lightning speed with a 70 million lifespan much greater than industry standards.*Low profile Keychron Optical switch keyboard is not compatible with any conventional mx style mechanical switch.


We’ve spent over a year developing and implementing a MX-styled stem on both the low profile switches for the K3 as well as stabilizers on the big keys like the space bar, left Shift, backspace and Enter key.

It will improve reliability, deliver better typing experiences, and may potentially pave the way for other keycap manufacturers to launch alternative keycaps.

Number of Keys: 84 keysLayout: ANSI
Version: Gateron / Optical / Hot-swappable
Switches: Low profile Gateron mechanical / Low profile Keychron Optical
Number of Multimedia Keys: 12
Frame Material: ABS+Aluminum frame
Keycap Material: ABS
Polling Rate (Wired Mode): 1000Hz
Polling Rate (Wireless Mode): 90Hz