Keychron - K1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard v5

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Looking for a wireless mechanical keyboard that offers both style and functionality? Look no further than the Keychron K1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard v5. With a low profile design and mechanical switches, this keyboard offers a comfortable and responsive typing experience. The K1 v5 is also backlit with adjustable RGB or White lighting, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your workspace. The K1 v5 is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android, making it a versatile option for any device. Upgrade your typing game with the Keychron K1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard v5.

Type On An Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

With self-contained mechanical switches and hot-swappable optical switch for easier typing in that Magic Keyboard style and the clicky feel of mechanical keyboard with a minimalist design.


The K1 is designed for productivity as a typist’s dream, we’re bringing all desirable features to a single keyboard; an ultra-thin body (18mm) and switches for a great clicky feel.

Compared with other mechanical keyboards, it requires less force and uses less finger travel, which reduces finger fatigue and provides an unmatched typing comfortability.

Compatible with All Devices

The K1 keyboard works with macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

With just a slide of a button on the side panel, you can switch between the various operating systems as easy as pie, and connects up to 3 devices via Bluetooth.

Mac Layout

Many current Mac keyboards are not mechanical, Keychron is one of the few that features macOS function keys (F1 to F12) in a Mac layout with the same as conventional Mac systems. 

K1's Layout

Keychron is here to make typing easier and better. The Keychron keyboard offers several different key quantities, an 87-key layout and improved layout on new version, to best meet your needs.

Compatible with both iOS/macOS and Windows/Android, simply switch between the operating systems with the toggle on the side. 

Mechanical Or Optical?

Available in Gateron mechanical and Keychron optical low profile switch to elevate the typing experience with a more slimmer and subtle look, the K1 provides an excellent typing performance, whether you prefer linear (Red), clicky (Blue), or something in between (Brown, Banana, Mint).

Low-Profile Mechanical

Durable and ultra-slim low profile Gateron Mechanical switch with a 50 million keystroke lifespan to provide an unrivaled tactile responsiveness. K1 was designed to boost your productivity yet meets your desktop aesthetics perfectly. Classic clicky tactile or quicker response, for office or personal gaming, the Gateron low profile is the way to choose.

Low-Profile Optical

With the MX-styled stem housing and 0.2 ms ultra-low latency, these light actuated switches are crafted for typists or gamers who want to type at lightning speed with a 70 million lifespan much greater than industry standards.


You can easily hot-swap every Optical switch in a few seconds to customize your typing experience on the K1 without soldering.
*Hot-swappable feature is available for low profile Keychron Optical switch version only.
*Low Profile Keychron Optical and Low Profile Gateron mechanical version keyboards are NOT compatible with any normal profile mx style mechanical switch.

Color: Black Number of Keys: 87 keys
Switches: Low Profile Gateron Mechanical / Keychron Optical Switch
Number of Multimedia Keys: 12
Main Body Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum Keycap
Material: ABS
Layout: ANSI
Polling Rate (Wired Mode): 1000 Hz
Polling Rate (Wireless Mode): 90 Hz