Kailh - Super Speed Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G142


Improving from the original KS speed switches, we upgraded the Kailh Super Speed Switches' structure and features. The Kailh Super Speed Switches has a better percussion feel, trigger sound, and a lighter actuation force. They still however, have the original KS speed switches’ short key travel distance and quick actuation. If you want to try a speed switch, give the Super Speed switch a go.

Factory Pre-Lubed

The Super Speed switches are factory pre-lubed to ensure their smoothness and endurance. They also provide a smoother and more comfortable typing experience.  

Lengthened Spring

Different spring lengths and structure designs offer users a variety of percussion feels and trigger sounds. The Super Speed copper switch’spring length is about 18 mm whereas others are 20.5 mm.

Linear, Tactile, And Clicky

It is available in linear, tactile, and clicky. As for colors, it comes in red, silver, copper, and bronze.

Good Light Transmittance

The Super Speed switches adopt an upper housing of translucent material with a LED slot, and the light transmission is relatively good. Through a black transparent cover, We can feel a better visual consistency.

Product Structure

Product Name Super Speed Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing Nylon PA66
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Pins 3-Pin
Factory Pre-lubed Yes (Not including Bronze Switch)
SMD LED Support Yes