Kailh - Jellyfish Box Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G124


The Kailh Jellyfish Switch is a unique box switch with durable PC housings and a special nylon stem design. It has a jellyfish-like transparent appearance, IP54 splash, and dust resistance. Its box structure also provides closed-loop protection for the switch.

Gold Contact

The Jellyfish Switches are equipped with a gold contact allowing for high corrosion-resistant and antioxidant properties. These contacts also create a latency-free connection with your keyboard and delivers a highly responsive typing experience.


The silver 18mm spring has an actuation of 50g (Linear)/47g (Tactile) and a strong rebound. It has little to no spring noise.

Perfect Backlight Effect

The Jellyfish Switches come in linear and clicky options to meet the need of beginners and switch enthusiasts.

Product Structure

Product Name Jellyfish Box Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing PC
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Protecting Cover  PC
Light Guide Post  PC
Pins  5-Pin
Factory Pre-lubed  No
SMD LED Support  Yes