Kailh - Deep Sea Silent Box Switch

By Kailh
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The Kailh Deep Sea Silent Box Switch is a special kind of silent switch. Its stem, purple cover, and light purple housing base are precisely polished to minimize friction when working and deliver a stable, silent typing experience. It is available in both tactile and linear.

Double Noise Reduction

The switch’s damper adopts an independent soft rubber (TPE) structure, which mitigates both downstroke and upstroke noise to offer double noise reduction. According to the test data statistics from the Kailh lab, the sound level of this silent switch when triggered is equivalent to decibels measured at a depth of 100 meters in the deep sea if the keycap is installed.

PC And POM Stem Alternative

The stem comes in two materials, PC and POM, each of which will offer you a different typing experience. The PC stem has better light transmittance allowing for a better backlight effect, whereas the POM stem brings a smoother feel.

Upgraded Light Guide

An improved tapered LED window prevents keycap compatibility issues and solves the problem that the switch jam certain keycap.

Large Impact Contact Area

There is a large impact contact area to eliminate vibration and reduce noise reduction to deliver a stable and ultra-quiet feel.

Product Structure

Product Name Deep Sea Silent Box Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing Nylon
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Protecting Cover  Nylon
Light Guide Post  PC
Pins  3-Pin
Factory Pre-lubed  No
SMD LED Support  Yes