Kailh - Crystal Burgundy Pro Linear Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G140


The Crystal Burgundy Pro Switch is a new linear switch from Kailh that delivers a unique, smooth typing experience. It features a burgundy POM stem and transparent PC housing that resembles a crystal-clear look. This switch is your ideal option if you are a linear lover. Upgrade your switch game with Kailh Crystal Burgundy Pro Linear Switch

Factory Pre-Lubed

This switch is pre-lubed in the factory to increase its smoothness and reduces the spring noise.

Long Wine Red Stem Post

The wine-red MX stem adopts a lengthening scheme to bring out the feel of an advanced bottom-out.

Long Gold-Plated Spring

This switch is engineered with a long gold-plated spring to allow for a fast and strong rebound, as well as helps to prevent this switch from rust and corrosion.

High Light Transmittance

A fully transparent PC housing to improve light transmittance. For those that like to use the keyboard RGB lighting to create their own desktop lighting atmosphere, this helps to bring a more vibrant lighting experience.

Product Structure

Product Name Crystal Burgundy Pro Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing PC
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Factory Pre-lubed Yes
SMD LED Support Yes
Pins 5-Pin