Kailh - COCO PINK Box V2 Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G130


The Kailh COCO PINK Box V2 Switch is a linear switch that features a pink stem and coffee housings, delivering a comfortable and natural typing feeling. It is fit for games and long text input. Upgrade your switch game with Kailh COCO PINK Box V2 Switch

High Precision Mould

This switch adopts a high precision mould that can effectively improve the smoothness of press rebound process.

PC Housing

The PC housing of this switch is made of translucent PC material allowing for compression wear-resisting.

Selected Spring

The 14mm selected spring with 40gf operation force brings a better rebound and provide a deeper and crisp bottom feedback.

Dustproof & Waterproof “Box” Design

Its box design with dustproof and waterproof features can increase the switch’s lifespan and longevity. 

Product Structure

Product Name COCO PINK Switch 
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing PC
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Protecting Cover Nylon PA66
Pins 3-Pin
Factory Pre-lubed No
SMD LED Support Yes