Kailh - Clione Limacina Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G139


The Kailh Clione Limacina Switch is built with a nylon PA12 stem and PC housing material. It is Kailh’s first fully transparent switch with its jellyfish-like streamer; one of their more unique designs. It’s unique appearance and natural feel adds a charming quality to the switch. If you are a fan of the transparent switch look, the Kailh Clione Limacina Switch is a must-have.

Linear/ Tactile 

It is available in both linear and tactile. Each will offer you a different typing experience.

Long Gold-Plated Spring

It adopts a long gold-plated spring to allow for a fast,strong rebound and helps to prevent this switch from rust and corrosion.

5-Pin Switch

This switch is crafted with a 5-Pin positioning post housing base to provide better stability.

Excellent Backlight Effect

A fully transparent switch body made out of PC material to enhance transparency. It gives a vibrant backlight effect that is great for showcasing the RGB lights.

Product Structure

Product Name Clione Limacina Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing PC
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Factory Pre-lubed Yes
SMD LED Support Yes