Kailh - Box V2 Switch Set

By Kailh
SKU: G133


The new Box V2 switch features a POM stem, black translucent cover, and solid black base with a 5-Pin positioning column. The LED slot of the cover is half-sealed to assure more light is transmitted. There are 2 small opens on the LED slot, It means that this switch is compatible with the 2-Pin LED and SMD-LED. Additionally, compared with V1, the Box V2 switch also has some changes in typing feel. The tactile feedback of Box V2 brown switch changes from the traditional tactile of V1 to heavy tactile and feels far stronger than V1. 

Factory Pre-lubed

The Box V2 switch is pre-lubed in the factory (excluding White switch) to help avoid unnecessary friction and increase the smoothness of the switch.

Longer Gold-plated Spring

This switch uses a longer gold-plated spring allowing for a faster and stronger rebound and keeping this switch from rust and corrosion at the same time.

Double Dust-proof Structure

The dust wall design and box structure of this switch prevent dust and moisture and guarantee this switch to last about 80 million presses.

Product Structure

Product Name Kailh Box V2 Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing Nylon
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Protecting Cover Nylon
Slider POM
Factory Pre-lubed Yes (excluding White switch)
SMD LED Support Yes