IT Dusters - Pixel Perfect XL 500ml - Screen Cleaner

SKU: P‐500


With IT Dusters Pixel Perfect 500ml effortlessly restore clarity, depth and vibrance to your screens for a Pixel Perfect view. With just a few sprays and a quick wipe, your dirty screen will be restored to its box fresh former glory in no time.

PLANT POWERED: No nasty chemicals here… We’ve blended a powerful mix of natural plant cleaning agents to cut through grease and grime whilst being gentle on what matters. Extracts of aloe vera, soybean, honeysuckle and vanilla work together to quickly remove fingerprints, dirt, oils and even static build-up

SAFE FOR SCREENS: Pixel Perfect is specifically designed to be compatible with all types of delicate screens, coatings and finishes. 100% free from harsh chemicals, ammonia, alcohol and toxins, there’s nothing inside our formula that screens won’t love. Perfect for TV’s, Phones, Eye Glasses, Monitors, Tablets and More

DIRTY TO DAZZLING: Our phones and tech devices are filthy… in fact they’re 10 times dirtier than a toilet on average. It’s time to wipe away the grime and let that screen shine!

MAGNIFICENT MICROFIBER: Dirt catching and perfect polishing… our premium Microfiber towel is something special. The microscopic hooks in the fabric catch and contain the dirt before buffing your screen to a glossy streak free finish 


1 bottle of PIXEL PERFECT 500ML
1 microfiber cloth