IT Dusters - Pixel Perfect 120ml - Screen Cleaner

SKU: P‐120


Effortlessly restore clarity, depth and vibrance to your screens and enjoy a IT Dusters Pixel Perfect 120ml view of the world with just a few sprays.

PLANT POWER: Crafted from a powerful blend of natural ingredients, Pixel Perfect is free from harsh chemicals, ammonia, alcohol and toxins. The plant based formula gently cuts through grease, oils, and grime to leave your screens crystal clear and gleaming like new.

SAFE FOR SCREENS: Specially designed for delicate electronic screens, Pixel Perfect won't scratch or damage surfaces. It maintains the original clarity and brightness of your device, making it ideal for LCDs, LED displays, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

LONG LASTING: A little goes a long way with Pixel Perfect. Its highly concentrated formula ensures a few sprays are sufficient to clean large areas, making it a cost-effective solution that lasts for an extended period.

ANTI-STATIC: Say farewell to annoying static charge buildup on your screens. Pixel Perfect not only cleans but also eliminates static, reducing the attraction of dust and ensuring your screens stay cleaner for longer.


1 bottle of PIXEL PERFECT 120ML
1 microfiber cloth