IT Dusters - AirGo V8 Cordless Air Duster



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IT Dusters AirGo is a cordless air duster, designed for fast and simple cleaning of your tech and work area. The lightweight and ergonomic design houses a power electric motor that produces a continuous stream of air to keep your tech fresh. Complete with a built-in work light, drawstring cotton bag and removable nozzle attachment, the AirGo is a must for every tech lover.

DEEP CLEANING: Blast away dirt, debris and microscopic dust from delicate surfaces with a flick of a switch and pin point accuracy. The powerful air flow is able to penetrate deep inside impossible to reach areas to remove trapped dirt without the risk of damaging sensitive and fragile components. No contact cleaning is the best way to clean electronics!

NO WIRES, NO LIMITS: The AirGo uses a long-life 6000 mAh lithium-Ion battery which provides up to 40 minutes of continuous power from a single charge. With no wires holding you back, AirGo is perfect for cleaning around the home or office and getting into those hard-to-reach areas.

REDUCE WASTE & SAVE: Unlike disposable canned air sprays which run out and loose pressure quickly, AirGo charges rapidly through USB to be ready on demand over and over again. Using an electric air duster helps reduce the landfill waste and also saves you money in the long run; it’s a win-win.

MADE FOR TECH: Our beloved tech devices need looking after to stop overheating and keep them running smoothly. AirGo is specifically designed to be used with PC’s, TV’s, Phones, Consoles, Laptops, Circuits and electronics and features a matt black, anti-static body to offer enhanced protection.

Product includes the wireless electric dust blower and 1 nozzle

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