IQUNIX - OG80 Wormhole Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

By Iqunix
SKU: i80173328001


The design of the IQUNIX OG80 wormhole-themed mechanical keyboard is inspired by the movies "The Wandering Earth" and "The Avengers" (Marvel Movie Series), and the color scheme incorporates space elements such as the Rubik's Cube. It mainly embodies the common thinking of human beings facing the future and the spirit of endless exploration.

Perfect Typing Experience Right Out Of The Box

PBT keycaps make the keys feel buttery smooth, more durable, and comfortable, and won't get shiny and fall off over time. It's therapeutic listening to crisper mechanical sounds. N-Key rollover prevents both key ghosting and key jamming greatly boosting typing speed and productivity with quick response and sensitive keys.

Weighty Keyboard With Solid And Premium Materials

The keyboard is built to last, with a PC case and PBT keycaps. So the keyboard is definitely sturdy and heavy enough not to move slightly as you type. Besides, our OBSC (On-Board Storage Compartment) design is an overhaul in utility. Say goodbye to losing your 2.4GHz receiver and hello to carrying it wherever you go.

Compact Layout And Ergonomically Friendly Design

The OG80 wormhole keyboard is perfect for tight desk spaces with a smaller size and compact 80% layout. What's more, it emphasizes ergonomic design, and the stepped structure and slanted function keys can reduce wrist strain and fatigue, adding a retro feel while providing a more comfortable typing experience.

Tri-Mode Connection

Multiple connection modes, including Bluetooth 5.1, Wireless 2.4GHz, and USB Type-C. Enjoy stable and fast responses while gaming or working. Allowing pair up to 3 devices at once and switch seamlessly between your computer, tablet, or phone with shortcut commands, which are great for multitasking. It works on Windows / macOS / iOS / Android.

Unique RGB Backlight Effect For Extra Personality And Vibe

Built-in dynamic RGB effect, 7 modes, and 16 million colors can light up your senses. When choosing between different effects, backlighting and various colors can add some extra personality and a cool vibe to your workspace through the translucent case.

Hot Swappable

Easily swap out your preferred mechanical switches on your keyboard without needing any soldering or technical expertise.

Programmable Software

You can easily customize RGB, remap keys, set macros, and more with our programmable software for your daily use free of restriction.

Long-Lasting Battery

The 4000mAh capacity Li-Po batteries last up to 260 days with a low power consumption module. (Bluetooth connection with all backlit off)

Dimensions & Weight
Model: OG80
Type: Mechanical Keyboard
Layout: 80% | ANSI
Warranty: 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
Case Material: PC
Dimensions: 325 x 163 x 65 mm
Weight: Approx. 1140g

Function & Connection
Hot Swappabe: Support
N-Key Rollover: Support
RGB Backlit: 16-Million-Color Modules
Connection: Bluetooth 5.1 / 2.4GHz / USB-C*(Connect to 3 devices at once)Response Time: 1ms (Wired & 2.4GHz) / 8ms (Bluetooth)Polling Rate: 1000Hz (Wired & 2.4GHz) / 125Hz (Bluetooth)

Keycaps and Switches
Switches: Cherry MX / TTCLifespan: 50/100 Million Keystrokes
Switches Oritention: North-facing
Key Count: 83
Keycaps Material: PBT
Keycaps Profile: OEM
Profile Legends Printing: Dye Sublimation
Larger Keys Style: Costar Style Stabilizers / Cherry Style Stabilizers

Battery and Charging
Interface: USB Type-C
Cable Length: 150cm
Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Battery Type: Li-ion Polymer Batteries
Rated Input Power: 5V⎓1A *(The battery would be damaged by excessive input voltage)
Operating Systems
It works on Windows / macOS / iOS / Android