Glorious - Sound Dampening Keyboard Mat



Provides exceptional sound and vibration dampening in a space-saving size. Designed for GMMK PRO and fits most compact keyboards.

• Dampens higher-frequencies for improved sound
• Leaves ample room for your favorite mousepad
• Padded for a soft and consistent typing surface
• Keeps your keyboard firmly in place on your desk
• Durable materials and stitching for longevity


Typing on a hard surface introduces higher-frequency sounds and vibrations. The mat’s dense foam core absorbs them for a more muted effect.


Keep your keyboard firmly in place while still leaving room for your favorite mousepad.

Designed for GMMK PRO
Fits Most 75%, 65%, 60%, and 40% Keyboards
Dimensions: 347 x 145 mm
Interior Material: 4 mm Dense Foam
Surface Material: Durable Cloth
Stitching: Low Profile
Base: Anti-Slip Rubber
Cleaning: Spot Clean Only