Glorious - Panda Mechanical Switches



Glorious Panda Mechanical Switches Forged from the original INVYR molds, this legendary mechanical switch features a buttery smooth operation with a snappy tactile bump.


We make each switch using the original INVYR Panda tooling. This iconic switch mold gives Glorious Pandas a strong tactile bump at the start of their downstroke. Globally sourced materials create a buttery smooth post-bump travel that finishes with an addictive “thock” sound.

Top Housing:Molded from original INVYR tooling with premium-grade polycarbonate
Stem:Composed of durable, low-friction POM sourced from Japan67 g
Spring:Made of nickel-plated stainless steel sourced from Korea
Leaf:Made of premium-grade copper sourced from Japan
3-Pin Bottom Housing:Molded from original INVYR tooling with high-quality Nylon PA66


Easily plug Glorious Panda switches into any of our GMMK keyboards and the GMMK Numpad. Their cross style stem (+) accepts all mechanical keyboard keycaps, and a cutout in their housing allows your board’s LED backlighting to pass through.

Material: Original INVYR housing made out of Polycarbonate (upper cover) & Nylon PA66 (bottom cover), stem material made of POM
Compatibility: SMD RGB light hole for RGB compatibility, compatible with all + stem keycaps, compatible with all GMMK models
Mount: Plate mount (3-pin)
Housing: Ivory white
Lubrication: Unlubed
Spring: 67g
Style: Tactile
Quantity: 36 switches per pack