Glorious - Lube Station



Glorious Lube Station, the perfect solution for keeping your mechanical keyboard switches lubricated and running smoothly. Its durable construction and non-slip base ensure stability during use. The Glorious Lube Station is compatible with most popular switch types and is an essential accessory for any serious keyboard enthusiast. Keep your keyboard sounding and feeling great with the Glorious Lube Station.


Optimize your switch lubing process with this convenient Lube Kit. Its seven equipment slots keep your Glorious modding tools clean and organized. Two lube holders provide hands-free access to prevent slippery fingers. Prepare up to 36 disassembly switches at once for quick and efficient lube application.

Durable Acrylic Body
Fingerprint Resistant Surface
Anti-Slip Rubber Feet

Space for:
36 × Switch Housings
36 × Stems
36 × Springs
1 × G-Lube
1 × Standard Lube Vial
2 × Glorious Lube Brushes
2 × Standard Paint Brushes
1 × Standard Tweezer
1 × Glorious Switch Opener
1 × Glorious Switch Puller