Glorious - GPBT Celestial Keycaps



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Glorious GPBT Celestial Keycaps are premium cherry-profile keycaps made from super-durable PBT plastic. Designed for maximum readability and available in two gorgeous gradient colorways designed to elevate any board.


The GPBT Celestial Series will launch your build’s aesthetics to the stars, with its stellar gradients, vibrant colors, and extra-crisp, custom legends. This is more than just an average keycap set - Celestial will adorn your board with the beauty of the cosmos.


Five billion lightyears away from Earth resides a cloud of gas considered the hottest location in our universe. This brilliant spectacle presents stunning oranges and reds near its center, gorgeous blues and purples on its fringes, and the black void of space surrounding it. GPBT Celestial Fire incorporates these heavenly hues into a stunning gradient design that beautifully transitions from blazing hot orange & red, to tempered blue & purple, and finally, a deep, inky black.


Five thousand lightyears from Earth sits the Boomerang Nebula: the coldest location in our known galaxy. Using modern telescopes, scientists have observed remarkable blue hues flowing from the system surrounded by the vastness of black space. GPBT Celestial Ice captures this chilling aesthetic as its frosty gradient design goes from a bright, frigid blue to rich cerulean and a deep navy.


GPBT Celestial Series sets contain 114 cherry-profile keys, providing optimal compatibility with all GMMK models and most standard keyboard layouts. Each keycap is composed of extra-durable PBT plastic that is guaranteed to never shine. Their incredibly crisp, dye-sub legends offer maximum legibility with high fade resistance.


Whether you choose Fire, Ice, or both, your customization possibilities are endless with the GPBT Celestial Series. Pair these premium keycaps with a matching GMMK PRO top frame, rotary knob, and coiled cable to design the perfect build.

7 Colors (Fire) or 6 Colors (Ice)
114 KeysPBT Plastic
Non-Transparent Legends (No RGB light shine through)
Fits Most Full-Size / TKL / Compact Keyboards
Compatible with all ANSI GMMK models