Glorious - Coiled Cable USB-A to USB-C



Experience a sleek and tangle-free setup with the Glorious Coiled Cable USB-A to USB-C. This high-quality cable features a coiled design that stretches up to 4.5 feet, providing plenty of length without cluttering your workspace. The durable braided cable is built to last. Plus, its compatible with GMMK PRO and most USB-C keyboards. With its stylish black and white design and Glorious logo, this cable is both practical and fashionable. Simplify your setup with the Glorious Coiled Cable USB-A to USB-C.


Glorious Coiled Cables take your keyboard’s aesthetics to the next level with their eye-catching industrial design and premier build quality.


Joining the coiled and straight sections of the cable is a heavy-duty, metal, 5-pin aviator. This sturdy connector has a stylish, classic design, is satisfying to detach, and will provide a perfect connection every time.


Premium double-braided sleeving provides versatile flexibility and long-lasting durability. Tight, springy coils prevent tangles and kinks while keeping the cable neatly flat against your desk.


Glorious Coiled Cables come in unique colorways to match the aesthetic of any board and keycap set. Mix and match cable sections to create exciting color combinations.

Premium Double-Sleeved Braided Cable
5-Pin Aviator Detachable Connector
Tight Springy Coils
Gold Plated USB 2.0 Cable
USB-C (connects to keyboard) to USB-A (connects to PC)
Plastic Molded USB Housing
Cable Orientation: Device Side + 90-degrees
Total Cable Length (including coils): 4.5 ft
Coil Length: 6”
Compatible with All GMMK Keyboards (Excluding GMMK 1 Full Size)
Compatible with most USB-C Mechanical Keyboards