Gateron x Nuphy - Night Breeze Switches

By Gateron


Introducing Night Breeze Switches, the ultimate companion for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, these switches offer an unparalleled typing experience. With their linear keystrokes, Night Breeze Switches elevate your gaming or typing sessions to new heights. Crafted with premium materials, these switches ensure long-lasting performance and minimal key wobble. Enhance your gaming prowess or boost your productivity with Night Breeze Switches, the perfect choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Unleash your full typing potential today

travel distancepre-travel: 2.0±0.3mm
total travel: 3.3±0.3mm
forceoperating force: 42±5gf
end force: 55±5gf
mounting pins5-pin
materialsstem: pok
top housing: pc
bottom housing: pc
factory lubeyes