Gateron x NuPhy - Mint Switches

By NuPhy
SKU: 90N16


NuPhy Mint Switches unprecedentedly built with NuPhy-branded housings, the Herb series of switches represents a joint-effort by NuPhy and Gateron to bring technologies and designs from ‘frontier’ switches, such as Gateron’s Baby Kangaroo/Raccoon to the regular switches users, while retaining the quintessence of the original ‘division of labor': a 37gf linear switch, Mint for the heavy typists. All the switches come with a POM stem, 21mm length spring, and the new generation of Gateron factory lubing. Nothing too spicy, but certainly the right amount of flavor for a satisfying typing experience.

Travel distancepre-travel: 2.0±0.5mm
total travel: 3.6+0.2mm
Forceoperating force: 37±15gf
end force: 42±5gf
Mounting pins5-pin
Materialsstem: pom
top housing: pc
bottom housing: pa66
Factory lubeyes
Spring21mm single-stage spring