Gateron x NuPhy - Aloe (L37) Low-profile Switches

By Gateron


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Introducing NuPhy Aloe (L37) Low-profile Switches, the epitome of keyboard innovation. Designed with meticulous precision, these switches offer a seamless typing experience like no other. With their ultra-slim profile and responsive keystrokes, NuPhy Aloe (L37) switches elevate your typing comfort and speed. Crafted with advanced materials for durability, these switches ensure prolonged use without compromising performance. Experience the perfect balance of linear feedback and smooth operation, making them ideal for both gaming and typing enthusiasts. Upgrade your keyboard switches with NuPhy Aloe (L37) Low-profile Switches and unlock a new level of precision and comfort. 

travel distancepre-travel: 1.7±0.4mm
total travel: 3.2+0.2mm
forceoperating force: 37±15gf
end force: 40±5gf
mounting pins3-pin
materialsstem: pom
top housing: pc
bottom housing: nylon pa66
spring16.5mm two-stage spring
factory lubeyes