Gateron - Silent Switch

By Gateron
SKU: G47


The Gateron silent switch is one of the best silent switches for a mechanical keyboard. It features a transparent cover and milk base, delivers an extra smooth, quiet, and natural feel. As the name implies, the sound level with a silent switch is significantly lower. It’s perfect for places with sound restrictions and gamers that don’t want to disturb others at night. Upgrade your setup with Gateron Silent Switch.

Cushioned Stem

Different from a normal profile switch, the Gateron Silent Switch is crafted with a cushioned muffler pad on the top and bottom of the stem to reduce the noise when using the key switches.

Tactile And Linear

It is available in both tactile and linear. As for colors, it comes in black, red, brown, white, and yellow.

Allows For A Plateless Design

Gateron silent switches are 5-Pin PCB mount switches that can directly be soldered onto a 5-Pin compatible PCB and do not need a plate.

Product Name Gateron Silent Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper Housing PC, transparent housing
Housing Base Nylon PA66, white base
Spring Spring steel
Pins5-Pin switch 
SMD LED Support Yes